When we moved our family and real estate team to Lynden in 2018, we knew no one.

It can be a daunting task to move to a new community and establish new connections and relationships with local services, organizations, and businesses. When you don’t know anyone, who do you trust? Where do you start?

We quickly learned that Lynden is a community of hard working, warm, and kind people, and we are grateful to the businesses and organizations that made us feel welcome, and that provided great products and services.

That’s the inspiration behind our YouTube channel, Loving Our Lynden Community!

As a small business ourselves, we understand intimately that the dedication to providing a great product or service is fueled by passion and requires long hours, tenacity, and grit.

Because we understand what that takes, as we are inspired by local businesses and organizations that we have a good experience with, we will work with those who welcome it, and produce and post a short video about them, in gratitude and mutual respect for what they contribute to the Lynden community and beyond.

We wholly admit to being new to producing videos, having little to no experience with the ins and outs of planning, filming and hosting them, but so far, the experience has been fun and rewarding.

Thank you for watching these videos, it is our aim that they be fun and enjoyable to watch, while also highlighting each businesses/organization’s unique services, products and qualities. A BIG thank you to the folks that have welcomed us into their worlds and granted us interviews.

“Thanks for watching and see you next time on Loving our Lynden Community!”

Village Books & Paper Dreams